Kavya Jawab

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

“I run a youtube channel with my friend. We started it in 2016 so it’s been three years now and we went viral basically. We have almost 9 million views and over 19 thousand followers. When we started it we were very young. We were like “we dance anyways, so why don’t we just start putting stuff on Youtube?” and I think that’s when I really started choreographing for myself. I wanted to put up something that was mine. It was my choreography and it means something to me. We literally did it for fun. It was a stress reliever for me in that it was junior year of high school. Our concept is that everything is done in one hour. We do the choreography, we practice a few times, we find an outfit, and then we take a video. It gave me a lot of happiness and didn’t take a lot of time commitment… Honestly, thinking back, it just happened. We just made it out of the blue. I don’t think we saw the consequences of what it means to put stuff out there. We were just doing it for fun and expressing ourselves… Being able to have the music and dance connect you with someone else is incredible. Conversation can be awkward but the second the music turns on, go for it. You can do something together without really speaking about it.”

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