Gopi Jawabnavis

“Dance opens people up everywhere. Most people who come [to watch] are not Indian. I performed [kuchipudi Indian dance] at my office and people really loved it. They showed a lot of interest in knowing this [culture]. Even though they didn’t know the song, they liked the dance. You can reach out to anybody with dance. I have many experiences where CEOs come to me and talk to me as soon as I finished my dance. These are people you rarely see. Dance is a good medium and whatever you want to say through that, it becomes reachable. It gives you a level of confidence for sure. It makes you travel inside you; you basically talk to yourself. The primary idea of any dance form is to make another person happy. You put everyone else first. You think 100 times before you dance [about] whether what you do is presentable and whether people will like it. You don’t think about “what is for me?” and that attitude helps everywhere”

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