Alison Tatsuoka

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

“I just did this outreach show. We did ballet for schools in Oklahoma City. The kids sat on the floor and we did Hansel and Gretel for them. They were just so happy and excited about everything. Anytime any of us would go on pointe, they would be like “Oh my god!” Anytime a guy did a jump, and it wouldn’t have to be like a particularly difficult jump, but just any jump, they would be like “Oh my god, that’s sick!” One of the school teachers beforehand was talking to me and my friend and was saying that 100% of the students qualified for free or reduced lunch, and 50% of them took food home on the weekends. It was a very disadvantaged school. They were saying that this would be the first ballet performance that a lot of them would ever see. There was one boy who used to go there and goes to OKC Ballet School now and does the kid roles in some of our performances. He is amazing and he is ten. The reason he started dancing was because of a similar dance outreach show. It really made me think why we dance, what is the purpose of ballet is. To make the briefest impact or give them the briefest amount of joy, that’s really cool. The reason art exists is to share these stories with other people. Dance is so primal. It is very much about your connection with another person.”

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